Ibem Ekene Musa

My father tried to convince them that what they are trying to do is not good but turned deaf ears, he later realized that they came for him and not us. They shot him on his head and he died, but they did not touch the two of us.

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Masoyi Bawa Sarah

My father died as a result of the riot which took place in Kano in the year 2004. The rioters attacked our house and my father was killed by the rioters. Other members of the family ran to the Police Barrack for refuge

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Great Manaseh

We were a family of five consisting of three children. My father was brutally killed and burnt to ashes at COCIN church Railway on 26th July, 2009

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Pam and Lypo Pam Solomon

We were in the house when our father went outside. He was attacked and killed by some Muslim extremist. One of his friends who was an eye witness, came and told us what had happened to our father.

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