Hazel Elmina

We suspected them to be members of the killer squad.  They went to his office, entered and put broken bottle in his stomach.  He bled to death. They killed him together with his colleague.

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James Dung Noel

They searched for him for two weeks but that was fruitless.  He was later found in a well, by a lady, tied inside a leather bag by some people.  Some marks were on his body.

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Dung David Deme

Suddenly, we heard a knock on our door.  Unfortunately, it was a group of some people that were attacking houses. They entered the room and collected money from him and then dragged him out.

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Achi Comfort

My mother was never happy about the transfer because of the crises in the state and her neighboring states.  Some months after his transfer, my mother received a telephone call about his death.

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