My husband died as a result of the riot that happened in Kano state in 2004. We were all at home when the rioters broke into our house and killed my husband. They said it was because he was the pastor of the church but this was not true because he was actually an elder in church.

I got to hear about Stephens Centre through my church's Pastor and since then, they have helped me and my family in many ways.

Firstly by giving my children free education (scholarship) and I want to use this opportunity to appreciate this organisation for what they have done for me. I was opportuned to be given a grinding machine and a sewing machine and I was also given money to boost up my business.

From the profit I make, I have been able to send two of my children to the University. Paying their school fees, accommodation, feeding and other necessary things.

Even though my finance isn't yet where I would like it to  be, I would still say this mission is really trying for me. They have always been there to help and should never get tired of these good deeds because the devil also has said he would not be tired of persecuting the children of God. So the children of God should also never be tired of doing good.