On 18th April, 2011, the Muslims fanatics entered into Rigachukwu area of Kaduna State. They were protesting against an election which their Muslim brother failed to win (post election crisis 2011).  As news filtered in that Muslims were invading the surrounding villages, women and children were advised to run to Kawo Army Barracks for safety, but men stayed back to defend the village from destruction.

Rev Samuel Bagudu was not an exception as he told his wife to carry the children and follow other women from the village. When the rioters eventually arrived, Rev. Bagudu was shot in the leg and could not escape as the Muslims fanatics overpowered the villagers.  An eye witness said, the Reverend simply went down on his knee and started praying as he was beaten and kicked until he fell to the ground and was doused with petrol then set ablaze.

Mrs. Laraba was given the widows funds in the year 2013 and since then, she started the business of buying grains. She usually buy the grains during harvest when the price is low and sell it when the price is high to get interest. The business has been going on well and she has made a lot of money through this particular business. She uses the interest in taking care of her needs and the needs of the children without asking anybody for assistance. She is very grateful to God and to Voice of the Christian Martyrs for changing her life positively and pray that God will meet us all at the points of our needs.

Mrs. Laraba also has two (2) of her six (6) children at Stephens Children Home Abeokuta.

Compiled by Solomon Bako
VCM Kaduna Centre