When we moved to Kuru Jentar village, we met with one very dynamic widow. She is Mrs. Rose Danjuma. She lost her husband to the riot of 2001 in Jos. Rose is popularly known as Mama Linda, her first daughter is Linda. We drove into the village, thinking that we have missed our way to her house; we stopped and asked from passers-by, that we are looking for Mama Linda. The people told us to drive straight into the village, turn right and ask anybody for Mama Linda. We did as directed, behold a man ran out of his shoe shop to call Rose. That is how popular she in the village because of her good work among the people.

"I do not know how my husband was killed. I do not even know who killed him. However, I have forgiven those who killed him" Rose said in reply to a question. How she met the V. C. M. she said, "A widow who benefited from the generosity of V.C.M. directed me to SCI at Jos. V.C.M. first gave me grinding machine. I put it to commercial purpose and use the proceeds to transport myself to and from this village to Jos to train in sewing, and use any extra money to feed the family".

When she completed her training in sewing, she received a sewing machine. Now she has few customers. Apart from receiving grinding and sewing machines from the Voice of the Christian Martyrs, two of her children, boys are receiving free education at Abeokuta. She has four children, two boys and two girls. She trains the two girls from the profit she generates from these machines.

"When I received the money you have come to give us, I shall use part of it to open a shop and perform my freedom so that I may get more customers. People still consider me as an apprentice because I have not made my freedom ceremony. I want to use the greater part of the money to sell grains, like corn, guinea corn, yam, beans and pure honey".

Rose believes that her success is from God. She uses her time to serve God in various ways. "I have learnt to forgive those who killed my husband. I work tirelessly for God. I am a Chorister, Secretary of Women Fellowship, an Usher, P.R.O. for the Church, and a Sunday School Teacher. I take time to visit other widows to pray with them. "I always pray for the Stephen Centre and for those who help the widows. My advice to widows is that they should first give their lives to Christ, have faith in God, be patient, and work hard. They may not find it easy at first, God would never forget them", she concluded.