Mrs. Lyop Samuel Gyang of Kuru village lost her husband during the riot of 2002.  Samuel was in his farm when riots broke out.  He had no pre-knowledge of what was taking place in town and villages. The Fulani Muslims, it was alleged, went on rampage, killed Christians, looted their properties and burnt personal homes. Incidentally, some of them lived at the same environment with Samuel, and they saw him when he went to his farm.  As the killers roamed around killing the Christians, we were told, they went to Samuel's farm and killed him there.
The wife had to take over the responsibility of feeding and training the children.  Soon, the Voice of the Christian Martyrs had about her plight and came to her rescue.  She benefits in these areas:

1.  Grinding Machine
2.  Sewing Machine
3.  Two children are receiving training at Stephen Centre International at  Abeokuta. 

Thuweng is in junior secondary  School, JSS 111 and Gabriel is in Nursery 111. She is now has an apprentice who learns how to sew from her.  She also sells fruits and trains her daughter at Polytechnic from the proceeds from her sells of fruits.

Lyop Samuel is one of those who benefits financially from the C.V.M.  She plans to use the money to increase the stock of fruits and begins to sell fertilizer. She believes that with God's grace, it would be good-bye to poverty.