When we returned from Jos South, the next day our journey took us to Jos North, one of the areas where the recent riots caused a devastating blow to Christians. Our next call was Sot. Previously Sot harboured Fulani Muslims in large numbers, only a few Christians lived there. We moved further inwards to Mrs. Praise Joshua's residence at Hwollaza. We saw how God has helped this woman of faith to utilize everything she received from the Voice of the Christian Martyrs to almost the maximum. It is an incredible story of a woman who does not allow the death of her husband to drag her backward. She shook off every gloomy tendency and stepped forward beyond imagination.

Her husband died on active duty, as it were, for God. He was on his way from the Convention of the Assembly of God Church at Enugu when he died by motor accident. May 10, 2001. He was a Pastor of the Assembly of God Church. The Pastor left three children behind, two boys and a girl. Today, Polycap Joshua, one of the two sons is with the Stephen Centre International at Abeokuta in Ogun State of Nigeria., studying free. When the Church sympathized with her during her husband's death, she used everything to build a house for the family. October 15, 2008, the Voice of the Christian Martyrs gave her a grinding machine. She quickly put the machine to commercial use. From the proceeds from the grinding machine, she has bought;

  1. Another grinding machine
  2. She trains her son and daughter in schools
  3. She trains herself. She had gone to the College of Education to train as a Teacher and she have graduated.

mrs-praise-joshua1It is anybody's guess that she had used the grinding and sewing machine to best advantage. She has bank accounts into which she saves regularly. She is one of those who benefits from the empowerment for the widows. Before the fund gets into her hands, she had already led out plans to use the money.

"I want to use the money to build a store to keep the grinding machine because customers suffer during raining season. The machine is always outside, rain or sunshine. That is not good enough for the machine and us."

mrs-praise-joshua2"I want to also buy a new machine that separates the chaff before we grind the corn or any grain. The grinding machine has done a lot for me. I pay my tithe regularly. I have gone to orphanages to give my testimony and donate to them too".

In spite of the persecutions and trauma, and uncertainly that beclouded her initially, which she has learnt to ignore, she serves God sincerely. She is a Chorister, Women Leader and she still serves God as a Pastor's wife. She believes that she has benefited from The Voice of the Christian Martyrs in a wonderful way. Whenever she attends Church programme, and Women fellowship Programmes, she uses her head wisely. She has learnt to make soap, detergent and other things. She ties head tie for women on a fee.

"I thank the sponsors of the Stephen Centre International. May God continue to use them to help others," she prayed.

"I want to tell you that your visit to my residence is like Jesus visiting a poor sinner. I appreciate your visit very, very much. Give my greetings to the Director and other workers in Lagos and Abeokuta, she concluded.