May Day Holiday with the Children

A team of Lecturers and workers from Convenant University spend their May day holiday with the children at Stephens Children Home Abeokuta. We are deeply grateful for your concern love and gift .

We are thankful to everyone coming to celebrate birthdays and inviting children choir to their churches 

Please do not abandon us. 

We love you all


Happy Birthday Damilola

Happy Birthday Damilola from all of us from Stephens Children Home.

May the Lord bless and keep you.

We invite you friends to celebrate your birthday with our children. Come and make the children at SCH happy. 

We are grateful to all who came to visit and celebrate with the children.

All you need to do is just send an sms to 08033082342


I will like to become a medical doctor to help people in future. - Hosea Daniel Gofuk

My name is Hosea Daniel Gofuk from plateau state. I am 10 years old in PRY3 now at  Stephen Children Home. Before I came to Stephen Centre my parent and I lived in Maiduguri Borno state before relocating to Jos because of the riot that was so rampant then.

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Ruth and Faith Tenimu

My name is Tenimu Ruth from Nassarawa state, I am 17 years old, am in SSS2 while my little sister is 15 yrs old, she is in SSS1.

On the 14th July, 2004, I came back from school with my younger sister and I met my mother cooking for the family,  I went to sleep, since the food wasn’t  ready. We were all at home when we heard people shouting and a woman came to my mother and told us to run away but my mother refused to believe them, but suddenly people were running helter-skelter and my mum became terrified and seeing that it was so serious, my mom managed to escape with us to the barrack leaving my dad behind. We stayed for about two weeks in the barrack and after the riot, my mum heard that my dad has been killed and burned to ashes.

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Mary, Martha and Gambo

Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We wish to present to you, our family of martyrs for this month. 

Mary, Martha and Gambo story has been such of such and encouragement to us at Stephens Children Home.  Mary and Martha (twins) came to our home at the age of three, while Gambo joined them at the age of three and now Mary and Martha are now 14 years old, while Gambo is 13 years old.  The Fidelis family lost their father in 2004 religious crisis in Kano. Fidelis family are from Edo state.

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