Appreciation from Danjuma Shekarau

January, 2014 the village of Nunko village of Taraba state was attacked by the Fulani herdsmen, it was on their way back from the church service that the people were ambushed and they everybody started running for safety.

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Grace Emeka Now Walks Independently

Grace Emeka is an Igbo woman one of the three major languages in Nigeria, who has resided in Jos plateau state with her family for over a decade. In December 2014, there was a bomb blast in the city of Jos which was targeted to affect major the Christian brethren who probably should be maker arrangements and purchases for the annual Christmas celebration,

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Weng Walking Around

Weng was three weeks old in 2010; Fulani Islamic jihadists attacked his village of Dogo Nahawa, in Jos. On that day they slaughtered 501 Christians in Dogo in a single night, all the nine members of his family were also killed, there was set ablaze and since he was an infant the fire cut up his feet and destroyed his feet, he is now staying with his grandmother who has been taking care of him.

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