Four gun-men came to his house with AK-47's and ordered him to come out of his house with his family, then ordered his family to move backward and he should sit in their front.

The leader asked him why he refused to accept Islam as a religion even though they have been preaching Islam to them. Habila replied that he is a Christian.

One of them now asked him if he is ready to die as a Christian. He told them , "Yes, I am ready to die as a Christian"

They then shot him through his nose and he fell down with his face to the ground. There was blood everywhere. They followed him and kicked and inspected him to confirm if he was dead but there was no response. He was just on the ground and everything was dark. He said he was waiting to see the new heaven that God promised to His people. He lay there for nine hours bleeding and without help.

Watch to see the physical damage done Habila and his miraculous survival.