January, 2014 the village of Nunko village of Taraba state was attacked by the Fulani herdsmen, it was on their way back from the church service that the people were ambushed and they everybody started running for safety.

Danjuma’s family (mother and sister) ran away and he was unlucky and was caught by the Fulani men and they asked him to be following them up and down as they go about the attack, it was as they were attacking the Christians from house to house that some of the people called upon the securities personnel (Mobile Police) and they came to the rescue of the people in the village, some of the Fulani men were killed, this raised the raged in them and they became angry, they therefore poured out their anger on Danjuma, he was led flat on the ground, his penile shaft was caught off, his eyes was also removed and he was seriously hit on the head and a lot of machete cuts on his hands, he was left lifeless on the ground thinking he was already dead, his relative were already mourning that he is dead and was preparing for his funeral, but to the glory of God he is till today alive, though he cannot see and he is without a penile shaft all that happened is just a miracle that is why he decided to give himself the name “MIRACLE” that is the name that Danjuma is known with. Danjuma has gone through a lot of pains and challenges, but one beautiful thing about him is that he is always smiling and feeling happy, when he was asked why he always smile, he said “ for the fact that I am alive and the Lord also gives me an inner mind joy that’s why am always filled with joy.