Grace Emeka is an Igbo woman one of the three major languages in Nigeria, who has resided in Jos plateau state with her family for over a decade. In December 2014, there was a bomb blast in the city of Jos which was targeted to affect major the Christian brethren who probably should be maker arrangements and purchases for the annual Christmas celebration, this incident affected Grace and one of her son whom they both went to the market together. Both of her legs were seriously affected and she never thought she could work anymore, later on her left leg had to be amputated this increasingly made her devastated.

After resuming work at the VOCM prosthesis clinic Jos, Grace was one of the patients I was given to work on by the BRN team, when I wanted to start work on her I discovered that the wounds were yet to heal and was still having some discharge so I advice she continues with the medication till when the stump is fully ready to be fitted with a prosthesis. After the wound has completely healed up, Grace came back and was ready to be fitted with a prosthesis, despite the challenging situation and difficulties of no funds for the prosthesis clinic, we were able to use the little materials we had available to produce a prosthesis for Grace on the 3rd of march, 2016 and she was again walking without the aid of her crutches.