Nursery School

Children enter SCI Nursery school from age 2. Children at SCI are encouraged to be in charge of their learning. Preschool needs to complete 4 units from the themes of their choice. Through exploration and investigation the children develop the skills to conduct research, empowering them with the tools to understand their world.

Learning in SCI Nursery is achieved through fun and hands-on activities. The children take part in assessing what they have learned. Methods of assessment by the teachers reflect individual development. Conferences between the teachers and parents monitor the development of the children.

As well as recognizing the importance of concepts, knowledge, and skills, the PYP places great importance on the development of positive attitudes toward people, the environment, and learning.

Primary School

Training is provided by them for our teachers and staff in order to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments in curriculum design.

Our primary school curriculum offers a range of structured experiences which aim to develop the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes which will enable students to understand the world and actively participate in it.

The learning climate is such that with active teacher support, children have the confidence to take risks, approach problems creatively, work collaboratively and accept responsibility.

Standards are high and the children are challenged to reach the ultimate level of which they are capable.


Our curriculum centers on Child Development, Language Acquisition, Child Care and Health, Developmental Activities for Infants and Toddlers, Communication, the Child in Society and School. The school provides an integrated curriculum that aims at giving the child a well rounded education. The curriculum being implemented is the National curriculum. This is, however, integrated with biblical principles to make children God-fearing, disciplined and responsible.

The core subjects in the curriculum are reading, writing, and arithmetic (the three R's).